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August 18, 2011

God Save the Queen

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Classroom at Fort Edmonton


July 6, 2011

special projects

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i’m experimenting with devoting 60 minutes a day to special projects. here’s my list of what to do:

special cooking (desserts or somesuch)
paint on tiny canvas
typewriting on typewriter
organize recipes
organize magazines
clean up front room and minimize
screenprinting with screen
talk to someone/s online
phone home
organize calendar of birthdays
deep clean house
special tea time
put books on goodreads
ride my bike
play catch
do research for volunteer board i’m on

July 5, 2011

expo robot

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expo robot, originally uploaded by nahuelito.

a happy robot in Montreal

March 4, 2011

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8:10 PM
buttermilk with lemon curd in the centre
8:10 PM
oh shit. i just type “centre”

8:10 PM
omg what

8:10 PM
that was not a typo. that was my mind

8:10 PM
ahhh who are you

my favorite sentence in the world

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Nikola Tesla’s ashes are held in a golden sphere, surrounded by his works

Tesla Museum

February 12, 2011

2nd week of Winterlude

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We were thwarted last week when we tried to participate in Winterlude activities. We tried to go to the Museum of Civilisation but the NCC had closed the Alexandria Bridge so they could shoot fireworks off it.Loved seeing the crowd of people streaming away from the blocked bridge cursing the NCC.

This week was much more successful. Had a ridiculously good brunch at Murray Street with C and FA then wandered around town and looked at the new sculpture on Nepean Point “100 Foot Line”.

I actually think the sculpture works really well.

Then we listened to a discussion between the NGC director and the sculpture’s artist Roxy Paine.Will definitely go some Thursday night to check out Painting Machine Unit which will be making a painting over the next month. (and discussion of which led M to label me “Snark Machine Unit #1).

One slight disappointment- the street art (possibly by Ottawa artist Bank St) I had wanted to see was already removed. I’ll keep looking around town…..

June 23, 2010

stood in water

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I stood in Lake Ontario for quite awhile this weekend.

Champagne pool is closed until July so I may spend the next few weeks following the Sheldon Cooper method of swim instruction.

June 23, 2010

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Lots of people contacted me to make sure I was safe in Ottawa.

close call for the whiskey

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close call for the whiskey, originally uploaded by nahuelito.

The full extent of today’s 5.0 earthquake on our household.

May 28, 2010

oh, Denmark

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Goodbye Mr. Muffin
Teater Refleksion and De Røde Heste, Denmark
Ages 6 to 10 • 40 minutes
In English
Atelier, Canadian War Museum

Once upon a time Mr. Muffin was young, strong and proud. He could carry a whole cucumber on his back! Now he is tired and grey. And he sits alone in his house remembering. He’s had a good life, better than most. He makes a list: 1 very wise and kind wife, 1 little house with its own mail box, 4 furry little kids and sometimes mail in the mail box.

A beautiful, gentle and touching story, Goodbye Mr. Muffin explores the idea of cherishing memories and not fearing death – or life.


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